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Core Aeration from $74.99 plus GST

Is performed in the spring or fall and is an essential service in maintaining a healthy lawn for the 4 following reasons:

checkBETTER LAWN DRAINAGE – putting hundreds of small holes in your lawn will enable the rain or water from your sprinkle to penetrate deeper into the turf where it sits between the grains of soil away from the dehydrating capabilities of the sun and wind. This gives better resistance to drought and dry spells.


BETTER ABSORPTION OF AIR AND NUTRIENTS – it enables air and essential nutrients including grass clippings and fertilizer to get deeper into the turf and between the grains of soil which promotes an environment for the micro fauna, such as bacteria and fungi to build a healthy ecosystem in the soil.


STRONG AND HEALTHY ROOT SYSTEM – A properly aerated lawn will have a deeper root system that needs less regular watering as there will be a higher level of retained moisture deeper into the turf away from the sun and wind that can sustain the grass during a hot or dry spell.


WEED CONTROL – As your grass thickens and develops a more robust root system from receiving an increased level of air, water and nutrients it literally chokes out the opportunity for weeds to take root and grow.

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