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Fertilizer and Weed Control from $259.96 plus GST

In order to have a strong healthy lush lawn that you can be proud of you must water regularly, provide essential nutrients; such as, mulch and fertilizer, and eliminate weeds. We have seen over the past couple years a dramatic increase in both the quantity and type of weeds invading our clients lawns. We believe this is a direct result of the City of Calgary’s herbicide free policy. While this may have saved the city a tremendous amount of money it has dramatically increased the air seed level of all kinds of noxious weeds. The only way to win this battle is with an aggressive fertilizer and weed control program.

We use both a slow release high nitrogen granular fertilizer and a sprayed liquid fertilizer. We also use a liquid weed control. Weed control is a post-emergent product. This means that weeds must be present for it to work. By using liquid weed control instead of a granular weed control we dramatically improve the contact of the herbicide with the weed. When you purchase one of our fertilizer and weed control programs you are entitled to unlimited service calls at not additional cost.


We provide a monthly hedge trimming and shrub pruning service. Please call for a quote.


Proper irrigation of your lawn is the best way to ensure a healthy green lawn. Springer Landscape is proud to provide irrigation repair, installation and maintenance. We have over 18 years experience and are competitively priced. We offer spring startup and fall blow out programs.


checkSystem Startup


Timer Setup


Head Adjustment


Check Valves for Leaks



High Pressure Blowout of Lines


Inspection of Lines

Contact us today for a detailed Quote. Our Professional staff will be sure to inform you of ALL unique needs and options for your yard.