Spring Cleanup


Power rake from $129.99 plus GST



Power raking removes dead material, thatch, that accumulates on your lawn that can deprive the grass of air and make it susceptible to disease and insects. Power raking uses a special mower with vertical teeth set on a horizontal roller to remove debris.

It is done in the spring to remove the thatch that has built up over the winter. It should be done early in the spring before the lawn has started growing again.. Early spring power raking gives the seeds time to get established and start growing before the hot, dry summer months.
Power Raking DOES NOT removal all dead grass or thatch from you lawn. Power raking is intended to reduce the amount of thatch that has built up in your lawn. It is very important that a reasonable layer of thatch be left on the lawn. This layer will both protect the root system from exposure and trap moisture and nutrients.
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